Welcome to Peterhead Academy

At the start of last session I said I was committed to driving improvement and believe by working together, improving Teaching and Learning and focusing on work ethic we can continually improve the results at the Academy.  I am pleased to say we are beginning to see the results from these efforts following the SQA exam results and would like to thank you all for your support in improving the attainment at the school.  Last session represents the first steps in our drive to continually improve performance and the same pace, drive, dedication and challenge will be required again this session in order to build on last year’s successes.

To support our drive to continually improve performance a new set of values has been launched for the Academy.  These are Positivity, Aspiration, Perseverance, Equality and Responsibility = Success.

Staff, pupils and parents all have a part to play to ensure pupils succeed at the Academy, everything we do at the Academy will continue to be focused on improving teaching and learning and I thank you in anticipation of your continued support.

Shona Sellers
Head Teacher
Peterhead Academy

Adverse Weather Arrangements

The adverse weather letter and storm address form will be issued to all out of town S1 pupils through registration on Friday 6 November 2015.  This letter should be returned to the school no later than Friday 13 November.  For pupils in S2-S6 if the storm address previously advised has changed please contact the school to advise of the new address.

Please click here to access the letter which details all the contact information and advice in the event of a school closure.  If you would like a copy of the letter please contact the school office.

Please note our adverse weather arrangements can be found under the Policies tab in the Information and Policies section or by clicking here .  In the event of adverse weather preventing pupils from attending school pupils should make use of Show My Homework, Scholar, revision links in the Pupil Zone of the website along with material issued by Teachers.

School Information Line 0870 054 4999 then 021110



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