Opening Times

Other than class times, the school library is open (lunch and after school) for all pupils as follows:

Monday/Tuesday: 1.40 – 2.00 pm; 3.40 – 4 pm.

Wednesday/Thursday: 12:50 – 1.10pm; 2.50 – 4 pm.

Friday: 12.50 – 1.10 pm; 2.50 – 3pm.




Peterhead Academy Library Resource Centre is part of Aberdeenshire Libraries, a fully integrated school and public library service. This allows access to a central pool of resources and a growing virtual library of online resources.

Many of these resources can be accessed from school, but many more can be accessed from any public library and from home. For access to online encyclopedias, newspapers, author ideas, Who’s Who, subject web links a specific section for young people and much more click on the following link:

The Academy Library provides

  • A range of facilities and resources to support teaching and learning. Information Library is developed by encouraging reading and research for curricular purposes and enjoyment.
  • Resources to suit a broad range of abilities, interests and age grups, including fiction and non-fiction, reference materials,, talking books and topic files.
  • A Careers Area housing a wide range of resources allowing pupils to make informed decisions about subject choice and career routes. Information can also be found online at:

The Academy Library encourages reading and literacy by facilitating author visits allow pupils the opportunity to meet and interact with published authors, with a view to encouraging reading and writing. These are joint funded by Aberdeenshire Council and the Live Literature Fund, which is supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland and managed by Scottish Book Trust. More author visits are planned for 2014 onwards.

  • Grampian Children’s Book Award

  • Teenage Reading Month



Academy Library Staff provide support and assistance.

  • Mrs Roberts, Librarian
  • Mrs Eden, Library Assistant
  • Mrs Cherry, Library Assistant


Senior pupils may find the following links helpful for: