Pupil Council

Pupil Council Meetings 2014-15
Lecture theatre 1.30pm on the following Tuesdays:
Meeting 1:     9th September 2014

Meeting 2:     7th October 2014

Meeting 3:     4th November 2014

Meeting 4:     2nd December 2014

Meeting 5:     13th January 2015

Meeting 6:     10th February 2015

Meeting 7:     10th March 2015

Meeting 8:     21st April 2015

Meeting 9:     19th May 2015

Meeting 10:   16th June 2015

 Reps elected through PSE. Some spaces still available – see your Guidance Teacher to volunteer.

Peterhead Academy Pupil Council Purpose

  • Gives our pupils the chance to tell teachers and staff about their ideas
  • Represents each class in the school
  • Meets regularly to talk about important school issues and projects
  • Puts forward the class views at council meetings
  • Takes forward the views of the very young classes, who may find it difficult to put forward other’s opinions

Our Pupil Council has:

  • A list of rules clearly setting out roles and responsibilities 
  • A chairperson, who leads the meetings by following the agenda, which is a list of items to be discussed
  • A secretary, who takes notes of what is said at the meeting – these notes are called the minutes of the meeting
  • A link teacher, to give guidance and support

What happens during and after a pupil council meeting?

During the pupil council meeting important issues are discussed, ideas shared and action points decided. The aim is for the discussions to be orderly and fair, with everyone having an equal opportunity to talk or be listened to. It’s up to the Chairperson to make sure that councillors show respect for each other.

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What happens after the meeting?

After the meeting representatives report back to their class, during Personal & Social Education, while things are still fresh in their minds – this helps every pupil to feel involved. Teachers give enough time to let the class discuss points that have been raised. A class or school suggestion box is also be used to gather ideas, which can be discussed at the next meeting.

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What are the benefits of a pupil council?

The pupil council involves the pupils in decisions that affect them, their class and their school. It keeps them informed about the life of the school and helps them to gain the confidence to have their say. It also can help them to feel good about their place in the school community by giving them responsibilities and encourages them to be an active citizen. The advantage is that it gets exciting issues moving and can deal quickly with issues that trouble pupils and young people.

November 2013 Pupil Council Meeting Workshop

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