National Entitlement Card

The National Entitlement Card is a multi-application card scheme run as a partnership between the Scottish Government, Scotland’s local authorities and others and aims to make it quicker and easier to access services.  It is also used at Peterhead Academy to use the Canteen, Vending Machines and Library.

Councils across Scotland already have schemes which allow a variety of services to be added to this card.  These include bus travel, leisure, libraries, staff cards, taxi services for those with disabilities, and within schools for catering, vending, registration, school library and secure room access. 

The card is personalised and allows you to select the services you want to add

  • It is quick to use – just flash it over a reader and it scans automatically
  • It is convenient – a single card with many uses helping you to reduce the number of cards you need to carry
  • It is easy – no more repeating your name and address to get a service.  Just quote your number or swipe your card.


Young Scot and Young Persons Travel Concession

Young Scot – Young Scot is the national youth information agency for Scotland and is a registered charity.  Unless you chose to opt-out, your new National Entitlement Card will have Young Scot branding, giving you access to all of the Young Scot information services, as well as discounts and special offers in over 1,800 places in Scotland and in over 200,000 places in 42 European countries. The new card will also have the PASS hologram on it, meaning you can use it as a proof-of-age card across the UK.  You can find more information at

Examples of discounts are:

  • 10% Discount at Burtons, Topman, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge.
  • 25% Discount at Pizza Hut and 10% off KFC.


Young Persons Travel Concession – if you are aged between 16 and 18 (inclusive) or you are a full-time volunteer aged between 19 and 25 (35+ hours per week) and volunteer with Project Scotland or Community Service Volunteers (CSV Scotland) you may qualify for the Young Persons Concessionary Travel Scheme. You should use your National Entitlement Card as photographic identification both to obtain your rail card and when travelling.

The cardholder is entitled to:

  • 1/3 off the adult single fare on most buses across Scotland
  • A free Scottish Youth Card giving you a 1/3 off rail travel
  • A range of other discounts and benefits.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can a pupil obtain a National Entitlement Card?

Pupils should go to the General Office and give a note of their name.  The Office staff will then inform the National Entitlement Card Unit (based in Fraserburgh) who will, in turn, arrange for a photograph of the pupil to be taken in school, to be used on the card. A PIN number will be issued at this point to enable the pupil to use the Canteen facilities until their new card arrives.

The National Entitlement Card Unit will then send a form to the school which the pupil will have to sign.  (If the pupil is under 12 years of age the parent/guardian must sign the form.) 

As soon as they come into school the Office staff will inform the pupils concerned.

How do pupils use their National Entitlement Card?

Top-Up:  Pupils can put money onto their cards using the four Top-Up machines (also called REVAL machines) which are situated around the school.

Vending Machines: Pupils must have their card to use the vending machines.  They insert their card into the slot in the vending machine and choose the food item(s) they want.  The amount automatically comes off the balance on the card. 

Canteen: A pupil can hand over their card to pay for their food in the Canteen.

If a pupil does not have his/her card in school with them they can still use the Canteen by either telling the Canteen staff their name or by obtaining a PIN number.  The pupil should then key their PIN number into the keypad next to the till and press enter.  Canteen staff then check that the photograph of the pupil, which comes up on their computer screen, matches the pupil standing in front of them.  This ensures that pupils do not use someone else’s PIN number.

A record is kept in the school of all card transactions.

Free School Meals: £2.3 allowance goes on daily to pupils who are entitled.  Any monies not used clears at the end of the day, i.e. it cannot be saved to be used on another day.

Library: The cards are also required when borrowing books from the school Library.

What if a pupil loses their National Entitlement Card?

This should be reported to the General Office as soon as possible. A stop will be put on the card so no-one else can use it.  A PIN number will be issued so that the pupil can still use the Canteen facilities. 

A request for a new card will be sent to the National Entitlement Card Unit and it usually takes around 1-2 weeks for a card to be replaced.