School Meals

Peterhead Academy operates a pre-ordering service for lunchtime, allowing pupils to order their lunch up to the end of break. They can then go to the canteen at lunchtime and their lunch will be waiting for them. This removes the need to queue and helps ensure they get the lunch they want. The pre-ordering unit is at the bottom of the canteen stairs.

It is the Authority’s policy to provide meals and facilities for the consumption of packed lunches in all schools where these are required.

Attractive menu and information leaflets are provided to all Aberdeenshire school pupils and parents. School meals information can also be found on Aberdeenshire Council website.

For current school meal charges please see the coloured section at the back of this book or check on the webpage noted above. The Academy operates a cashless catering system. All pupils will be issued with a National Entitlement Card which can be ‘topped up’ with money. There are two methods of doing this. Pupils may use the machines in the school to add money to their card by simply inserting the card into the machine and then putting the money into the slots. Parents can also credit their son/daughter’s card online by visiting Catering page on the Aberdeenshire Council website. Then just follow the instructions to add money using your debit or credit card. Should a child forget his/her dinner money, they will still receive a school dinner, and you will be contacted regarding payment. Please make cheques payable to Aberdeenshire Council.

In addition to the canteen there are also vending machines in the Academy and a pasta bar service at break and lunch times.

Where children bring a packed lunch to school, parents are responsible for ensuring that lunch box contents are stored at the correct temperature, by including an ice pack where necessary.

Parents should be aware that they can request a special diet for their children if there are medical or religious reasons for doing so. Children who require Medically Prescribed or Modified Diets, with parental/guardian assistance, should be identified during the admission process. Procedures are set in motion to accommodate these diets by parent/guardian completing Admission Form D available from the school administration office.

The school aims to encourage young people to enjoy food which is both attractive to them and nutritionally sound whether this is a school meal, a packed lunch or a snack. We would appreciate your support in achieving this aim.

Some pupils may be entitled to free school meals. Please see coloured section at the back of the book for further information.