School Closure Due to Bad Weather or Other Emergency

We want to work in partnership with parents and carers to ensure the safety of children at all times. These guidelines outline the procedures for dealing with school closures during bad weather or other emergency.

Parental Role

We would like you to:

  • Ensure your child wears appropriate outdoor clothes throughout the winter.
  • Decide whether it is safe for your child to travel to school in bad weather, either by school transport or on foot.
  • Provide the school with information about emergency contacts to whom your child can be sent at short notice if you are not available. Also tell the Head Teacher about any changes to this information and to your daytime contact details.
  • Provide the school with a bad weather address within safe walking distance of the school.


  • If school transport is not running please don’t take your child – or other children – to school yourself unless it is safe for you to do so. You will be responsible for ensuring that the children you took to school are transported home again and therefore need to be available in the event that the school has to close early due to deteriorating weather conditions.
  • In difficult weather conditions pupils should not wait any longer than 15 minutes past the normal pick up time before returning home. In case the transport doesn’t arrive please make sure you have made alternative arrangements for your child.
  • If your child travels by school transport you are responsible for their safety to and from the pick up/drop off point whether they use school transport or a public service vehicle.


 School transport contractors have been told not to allow children to walk home alone from drop-off points under any circumstances during extreme weather conditions. If you can’t meet or arrange for your child to be met, the school transport will return them to a designated location.

 Public service vehicles – drivers of these vehicles follow a specified route and keep to timetables – they cannot make special arrangements.

 When will schools be closed?

Head Teachers decide if and when schools should close due to bad weather or another emergency. In bad weather they will decide this after receiving information about local weather conditions. This decision can be made during any time, day or night.

 During bad weather some staff may not be able to get to school – so the school may have to close because there are too few teachers present. Sometimes only part of the school will be closed or only some of the pupils will be dismissed early.

 If you are concerned about local weather conditions contact the school. You may wish to collect your child yourself and are free to do so provided you make arrangements with the school.

Because of the large number of pupils in Secondary Schools, it is impossible to inform all parents in advance of emergency closures and schools may dismiss pupils without first contacting parents.

In the event of adverse weather, a decision regarding closure will be made early in the morning.  There are a number of options which will be considered.  The school may be closed to all pupils, open to town pupils only or a delayed start to the day.  Decisions will be communicated via the Aberdeenshire schools closure website and information line (noted below) and the PeterheadAcademy school website.

 For pupils living within Peterhead there should be no problems getting home in the event of an early closure due to deteriorating weather conditions.  However, parents of pupils living in outlying areas should arrange a ‘severe weather accommodation’ address within the town where the pupil may stay overnight if necessary.  We will contact parents in November each year to update our files and issue more detailed information about safety of pupils when weather conditions deteriorate.

 What education might my child be missing?

Some parents and pupils worry that important examinations or work is missed because the school is closed or conditions make it difficult to attend. But the safety and welfare of children must take precedence when making judgements about travelling to school in bad weather.

Arrangements can be made for lost time to be made up and examinations can be rearranged.

All Faculties will have arrangements in place to allow pupils to work from home in the event of poor weather.  Faculties will either place work on the PeterheadAcademy website and/or Glow.  Alternatively Faculties may issue pupils with a ‘snow pack’ prior to any bad weather commencing.

 Further Information

Outwith school hours, your local radio station is a good place to find out information on school closures. The following radio stations receive updated information every 15 mins from our website:

 Waves Radio

FM 101.2Tel: 01779 491012

Northsound 1

FM 96.9Tel: 01224 337000

Northsound 2

MW 1035 kHz

BBC Radio Scotland

FM 92.4 – 94.7MW 810 kHz

Moray Firth Radio

FM 97.4 MW 1107 kHz

North East Community Radio

FM 97.1 – 106.4Tel: 01467 632878

Original 106 FM

Tel: 01224 293800

Aberdeenshire Council Website

Click here to access the school closure website

You also have the option to sign up to receive email alerts when your school(s) updates their closure status:

Aberdeenshire council has changed the way parents receive online alerts about school closures and changes to school transport. You can now sign up for these notifications through myaccount on the Aberdeenshire Council website – if you currently pay for school meals online, you will already be registered.

myaccount is a simple, secure way of accessing a range of Scottish public services using just one username and password and 13,000 parents across Aberdeenshire are already enjoying the benefits of it.

As well as being able to sign up for alerts, your home page will automatically give you handy information such as your bin collection days, where your nearest recycling centre is and the names of your local councillors.

So, if you want to be kept up-to-date and take advantage of the other myaccount benefits, sign up to the new system by going to the Aberdeenshire Council website and clicking on the red My Aberdeenshire button in the top right-hand corner.



School Information Line

Tel: 0870 054 4999 then 021110. If you cannot get through first time, please do not put this number on redial. This will only lead to the line being busier.

Please note: Call charges to the School Information Line will depend on your contract with your telephone service provider, for example, calling from your home telephone may differ in price from calling from your mobile phone.

Public Transport Unit (9am – 5pm) 01224 665194

Education Offices (9am – 5pm)

Banff – 01261 813340

Fraserburgh – 01346 515303

Peterhead – 01779 473269

Inverurie – 01467 620981

Stonehaven – 01569 766960

 Contact Details

  • It is vital that parents keep us informed of up to date telephone contact numbers – home, work and local emergency contact(s) so that we can be sure of reaching you in any emergency situation.

School Uniform Policy

Please click on the link below to access Peterhead Academy’s school uniform policy.

Uniform Advice to Parents