Clubs and Activities

Wider Achievements are required of our senior pupils and they must select a couple from the options below.

Peer Support

Assist teachers in junior classes (S1-3). You must ask the teacher in your own time if they are willing to let you help.

Supervised Study

You will be in a class with a teacher but you will be left to study whatever you wish.

Duke of Edinburgh

A programme full of activities and projects – you choose the activities that you do and gain valuable experience along the way. Includes going on an expedition that varies in duration depending on which level you are doing, the duration of your activities vary depending on the level also.

  • Bronze – expedition of 2 days and 1 night and 3 months of your chosen activity
  • Silver – expedition of 3 days and 2 nights and 6 months of your chosen activity
  • Gold – expedition of 4 days and 3 nights and 12 months of your chosen activity

John Muir Award

An environmental scheme focussed on wild places. It encourages awareness and responsibility for the natural environment.

Uni 2 Cook

Learn to cook meals so that you are prepared for going to uni life living in a dorm or by yourself.

Finance For Life

Prepares you for the future by teaching you how to handle your finances and income.

Sports Leaders

Sports Leaders UK Awards and qualifications use sport as a medium to help people learn leadership skills. Peterhead Academy’s Sport Leaders Group meets every Thursday period 6 and are deployed within a number of sporting clubs and provisions.