School Curriculum

PeterheadAcademy is committed to creating a curriculum model which is firmly entrenched in the principles of Curriculum for Excellence and will focus on the development of the Four Capacities:

  • successful learners
  • confident individuals
  • responsible citizens
  • effective contributors


This is because we believe in preparing students attending Peterhead Academy for the changing world of the 21st Century.

Curriculum for Excellence in a secondary school is delivered in two sections:

  1. A Broad General Education from S1-S3 where students experience a wide range of experiences and outcomes across all eight curricular areas with some personalisation and choice along subject lines.
  2. A Senior Phase, S4-S6, where students continue to focus on skills for learning, life and work while moving towards national qualifications and the transition to life beyond school.


From June, students embarking upon the Senior Phase at Peterhead Academy will study six subjects in their fourth year at a level appropriate to their needs.

As we have received more details of the new National Level 4 and 5 courses it has become apparent that, in order to provide the best opportunities for our students, we must allocate more time to each. By providing 5 periods (50 minute each period) per week for our National 4 and 5 choices we will ensure a better quality learning experience that is more likely to bring about success for all our students and, for our more able, provide the best possible preparation for Higher courses (Higher/Ad. Higher course will receive six 50 minute periods).

This decision is supported by the Aberdeenshire Council and is in line with their position on Curriculum for Excellence. All our students will continue to study Math’s and English in their fourth year and choose four other subjects. Students may choose to study subjects in the Senior Phase that they have not previously elected to study in the Broad General Education phase. Our current S3 students will be presented for National Qualifications at N3-N5 level in May/June.

In their fifth and sixth years, students at PeterheadAcademy will be able to study up to five subjects from the new National Qualifications levels N3-N7. This includes the option to study either five Highers (N6) or three Advanced Highers (N7) in one year.


Tracking and Monitoring

Please click on the link below to access our tracking and monitoring policy.

Tracking and Monitoring