Our Prefects

Our Prefects

This is a page dedicated to our prefect committees and the work they have done, run by our media and communications committee

These committees are:

  • Media and Communications Committee

    The school’s Media Committee is collectively in charge of the school social media sites and informing pupils what is happening within the academy. They work hard to promote the academy in the community as well as keeping parents involved. Additionally promoting the work of the other prefect committees within the school.

  • Fundraising Committee

    The Fundraising Committee strives to raise awareness for worthwhile causes. Currently they have hosted a number of events which have raised generous amounts of funds for charities such as Macmillan. They hope to further raise for these charities as well as include others. They do a great job supporting charities and representing the school.

  • Peer Support Committee

    Peer Support Committee helps others within in the school any way they can, aiming to encourage every pupil within the academy to achieve their best. They offer after school and lunch time study sessions for subjects such as, Mathematics and English using their prior knowledge to help younger pupils. They hope to provide sessions for other subjects in the coming terms.

  • Primary 7  Transition Committee

    The Primary 7 Transition Committee works with the local primary school to establish strong communal ties.  This is done by inviting primary 7 pupils up to the academy for guided tours, inductions and practical activities. They also go to these schools and speak to upcoming first years about the academy and reassure them on what life in the academy is like, they answer any questions pupils have.

  • Yearbook Committee

    The Yearbook Committee is working hard to put together a yearbook and personalised hoodies for this years senior leavers of 2017. Pupils from both fifth and sixth years have worked collectively to ensure the yearbook  is the best it can be. They have been collaborating with local companies in the Aberdeenshire area, in order to closer the academy’s relations with the community.

  • Social committee

    The Social Committee work together to organise social events for both senior and junior pupils. Their biggest task currently is organising the school ball for senior pupils. The committee has been divided into sections in order to take on individual social events.

  • Interhouse Committee

    The Interhouse Committee has two major roles. The first of which is organising numerous events such as the senior triathlon or the art competition; their second role is maintaining and updating house points.