Our department offers pupils a broad range of subjects to encourage creativity, problem solving skills and responsibility. Throughout S1-2, classes will undertake tasks from all of our subject areas offered in the senior phase. They will cover a range of topics including Renewable Energy, Plastic and Woodwork tools and skills, Graphs and Charts, Design and Manufacturing a Wind Chime model, Electronics, sketching skills, learning about colour and their application, and Computer Graphics. They will learn how to work safely in a workshop environment and develop responsibility for themselves and others.


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In S3, Pupils have 2 branches of Technical that they can specialise
in – Design and Technology, and/or Practical Craft Skills. Both courses will allow pupils to build knowledge and experiences towards our National 4 and 5 courses.

Design and Technology leads into Graphic Communication, Engineering Science and Design and Manufacture.
Practical Craft Skills leads into Practical Woodwork, Practical Metalwork and Practical Electronics.
Pupils who are successful in their S3 course can progress into any of the 3 subjects at National 4 and 5 levels in S4-6. They can choose a combination of courses in S4, or pick up the subjects again in S5-6.


image5 (1)The Senior Phase consists of our 6 subjects, all offered at National 4 and 5 levels.
Current S5/6 pupils can do  Technological Studies at Higher level, and Graphic Communication from National 5 to Advanced Higher.

We offer extra revision classes for most of our subjects that run throughout the year. Pupils are welcomed into the department at any time for extra help to ensure they reach their potential.


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Technical is a busy department and aim to offer as many course options as possible to allow our pupils to take advantage of their location in the North East. A large number of Technical Education pupils have taken up Engineering Apprenticeships, University courses in Engineering disciplines, and college courses to allow them to pursue a career in Oil and Gas, Energy and Engineering.




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  • Design and Manufacture: After school Thursday
  • Engineering Science: After school Tuesday
  • Graphic Communication: After school Thursday
  • Practical Electronics: Arrange with Teacher
  • Practical Metalwork: Arrange with Teacher
  • Practical Woodwork: Thursday lunchtime


Young Engineers
We also run a Young Engineers club who have recently been very successful in The Shell Greenpower Challenge last year.  The club are hoping to compete again.  A group of our seniors are also taking part in the MATE ROV challenge this year which has been part funded by local companies.  We wish them all luck.