Mathematics is a service subject for a variety of other disciplines e.g. science, engineering and technology.

On entering S1 pupils will be placed in mixed ability classes and continue to work through the Broad General Education which will provide pace, challenge and application for all.  As pupils progress through S2 and S3 they will be set according to ability and work will continue to be set to meet the needs of the individual.

The courses taught in the Broad General Education lead pupils into National Qualification courses in S4 – S6.  The courses taught in Peterhead Academy are National 3 Lifeskills Mathematics, National 4 Mathematics, National 5 Mathematics, Higher Mathematics and Advanced Higher Mathematics.

All levels taught in S4 – S6 involve pupils taking Unit Assessments at various points throughout the year.  The Unit Assessments in National 3 and National 4 courses provide evidence for pupils to be certified in the qualifications.  In National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher pupils will sit Unit Assessments and a final examination.



The department offers revision sessions for all pupils:

S1 – S3          Monday to Friday at Lunchtime in B17

This session gives pupils the opportunity to carry out homework tasks or just seek help and support with their classwork should they require it.

S4 – S6          Monday and Thursday (1 hour after school)

These sessions give pupils the opportunity to seek help and support with homework and classwork or just somewhere quiet to work.

Other sessions can be arranged for pupils at the discretion of the class teacher.