Home EcAll children and young people within Peterhead Health Faculty have opportunities for an expansive, suitably weighted range of experiences.  At all stages, learners of all aptitudes and abilities experience an appropriate level of challenge, to enable each individual to achieve their potential.

In PE we offer a range of individual, team, creative and water based activities in S1-3.  As pupils enter S3 they also have the option to take PE and dance as two separate elective courses.   In S4-6 we offer National 3-5 and the New Higher.  Dance runs as a certificated course in S4-6.  Pupils also have the opportunity to do Sports Leader, Duke of Edinburgh and Senior Games as part of the Senior phase.

In HE we offer an S2 course that covers textiles and basic cookery skills. In S3 pupils have the choice to opt for Textiles and/or Hospitality, Health & Food Technology.  In S4-6 we offer National 3-5 Hospitality, Textiles, Care at National 4 and next year will be offering Health & Food Technology for the first time.  S5/6 pupils have the opportunity to take Practical Cake Craft at National 5 level.   Wider achievement is offered to senior pupils by a Uni to Cook course.

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Staff List

  • Mrs McDermott (Faculty Head)
  • Mr Baird (PE)
  • Mr Cameron (PE)
  • Miss Fitzpatrick (PE)
  • Mr Munro (PE)
  • Mrs West (PE)
  • Mrs Gatt (HE)
  • Mrs Hood (HE)
  • Mrs Kelly (HE)
  • Mrs Sibanda (HE)