EnglishS5English has the privilege of developing the skills of literacy and communication, which are vital tools for pupils to access and succeed in life in the 21st century. We do this mainly by providing them with teaching and learning to foster an appreciation and enjoyment of literature, confident that literature in itself will enrich their lives.

In the first three years, as part of the Broad General Education, we offer a range of activities intended to promote and develop skills in Listening and Talking, Reading and Writing. Teaching and pupil activities have been planned so that pupils will enjoy a similarity of CfE Experiences and be able to achieve their fullest potential. In the senior phase, pupils will be able to study English at National 3/4/5, Higher and Advanced Higher level. At National 3 and 4, courses are pass/fail, are assessed internally and literacy is a discrete element. At National 5 and above, pupils are required to produce a personal portfolio showcasing their best work as well as sitting an external exam.